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Having taken delivery of a Triumph Bonneville ‘Bobber’ last year, there was one problem – no luggage rack. Whilst it sported two decent leather panniers, there was no rack available on the market to carry my additional kit.

I then spoke to Simon Wilson, a Director of ‘Vehicle Armour’, who suggested maybe covering the rear steel mudguard with paint Protection Film (PPF) as a protection from my GIVI Bag. Making use of the heavy-duty steel mud guard, was the only option had.

The clear protection was meticulously applied to the rear guard, this then gave me the confidence to strap to it, my additional carrying bag without worry of damaging the original paint. With nothing available on the market at that stage and with a two-week tour of southern France planned, I thought it certainly worth a try.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Square Wheels

To give stability, I placed a piece of six ply timber into the bottom of my GIVI bay which kept the bag solid and firm to pull down onto. Under the bag, I placed a garden kneeling pad, wrapped in a black bin liner. This was pulled down with four ROK Straps, ensuring everything was firm, secure and stable.

Off I went, to return two weeks and 1850 miles later, to find the original paint work on the rear mud guard, completely unblemished. Looking just as it was when it left the factory, proved to me without any doubt, that the PPF, more than stood up to its promise of giving my bike total protection over nearly two thousand miles of rain, heat, dust, vibration and everything else the trip had to offer.

Verdict – RESULT – Saved me a lot of wear and tear on the bike, enabling me to enjoy my trip carrying the additional baggage required.

Thank you, Simon, and Vehicle Armour for a first-class service, product and innovative thinking.

Doug Squires, Secretary

Square Wheels Classic Vehicle Club

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